33 minutes | May 3, 2020

Oleg Lougheed - From Pain to Power, Dealing with Uncertainties

Oleg Lougheed-The memories made in the first 12 years of his life were painted with shades of poverty, loss, and a dim hope for a better life. A hope that acted as his only survival method. he said goodbye to his birth mother at the age of 12, not realizing that he would never see her again. he never met his father. he learned early on what alcoholism is, what starvation feels like, and what sacrifice means.  For him, it took leaving the place he called home to find a better life in America. It took saying goodbye to his mother, sister, relatives, and friends, and saying hello to a new set of family and friends. Adoption changed his life.  Adoption opened a door into a new world and forced me to close the door to everything he had ever known. he is here today to tell his story. The story of how he overcame his own odds.

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