51 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

#130: Kristi Roe — Lessons learned from 9/11, Creating Shared Meaning, Building Organizational Resilience, Handling Difficult Conversations, and Cultivating a Greater Sense of Purpose

Kristi Roe: A visionary, seasoned Healthcare Experience Strategy Leader with demonstrated success in developing and working on quality, service improvement, and organizational resilience programs covering the hierarchy from top to bottom in an ever-changing clinical and HR environment.  Skilled in collaborating and influencing cross-functional teams, interacting with executives and serving people from all layers of society professionally, and fostering teams that support the transformation in an organization’s experience strategy. Roe holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in applied psychology from New York University. Without further ado, please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Kristi.

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