49 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

#105: Sam Chase — Happiness is Subjective, Practical Mindfulness Talk, Secondary Trauma, Acknowledgement vs Gratitude, and More

Sam Chase designs and delivers programs in mindfulness, yoga and resilience for organizations nationwide. After studying Economics and English he finished at the top of his class and went on to compete for the international Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. He won and then ultimately declined the award to pursue the work he continues today--exploring the science of the human mind and the tools that help people lead flourishing lives. He brings that study back to the real world through his work with organizations including the United Nations, the National Guard, Columbia Medical School, and numerous others. He is the author of Yoga & the Pursuit of Happiness, a book that bridges the ivory tower research and esoteric philosophy surrounding meditation in a down-to-earth style that helps everyday people build an accessible, transformative practice. He is certified to teach by the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, the largest yoga center in the nation.

Please enjoy.

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