78 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

E259 Ask Nick - Giving Into Fear Won’t Make You Happy

Today on Ask Nick we start with someone who is struggling with the commitment she made to her marriage while trying to work through her husbands cheating tendencies and inappropriate social media conversations with other women. Our second caller kissed a girl at her birthday party and her boyfriend definitely did not like it and she is having trouble navigating his feelings of wanting to break up off and on. Next we speak with a women who is faced with a boyfriend who kept a secret from her and that combined with her non negotiable no longer being on the table made her broke up with him but now she is starting to second guess that decision. Last we speak with a person who is into her friends ex-boyfriend and is not sure if she should pursue it because of their kind of friendship. “I don’t think you are doomed because you chose not to be a prisoner in your relationship” Please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and as always send in your relationship questions to asknick@kastmedia.com to be a part of our Monday episodes.  For merch please visit www.viallfiles.com today! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:Headspace: http://www.headspace.com/VIALL for a free one month trial. Masterclass: http://www.masterclass.com/VIALLFILES for 15% off Dipsea: http://www.dipseastories.com/VIALL for a 30 day free trial Viall Files: http://www.viallfiles.com get 20% off with code VIALL Episode Socials:  Viall Files @viallfiles Nick Viall @nickviallSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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