68 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

E253 Ask Nick - Traditional Reactions to Untraditional Relationships

Today on Ask Nick we start with a polyamorous couple that is leaving one relationship to start a new one, and is confused on how to speak publicly about their relationship without sharing too much. Next, we speak with a woman who has been in relationship after relationship and now she is trying to figure out how she can just be casual and not catch feelings right away. Our next caller is struggling with a co-parenting situation when he tries to use her son to take her parenting time away. Finally, we speak with someone who’s boyfriend is struggling with a childhood trauma that is affecting their relationship. While she is trying to be supportive, he does not want to take any steps to heal and she doesn't know what to do to keep his mental health in a safe place.

“There is knowing what you need and then there is executing on that need despite your desires telling you differently.”

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