77 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

E252 Discussing Cults- Inside the Sex Cult NXIVM With Sarah Edmondson & Nippy From The Vow

The Vow on HBO/max is a documentary that follows the stories of people who were intensely involved in the self-improvement organization, NXIVM. Identified as a sex cult, NXIVM is still dealing with charges of sex trafficking and racketeering while its founder, Keith Raniere, sits in jail and some of its highest members wait to be sentenced. Today we are joined by couple Sarah Edmondson and Nippy who met while in NXIVM and are considered to be two of the whistle blowers on the organization. Sarah found herself too deep in the cult - so deep that she was branded as part of a women’s group called DOS which was ultimately the group responsible for sex trafficking. Once she stopped drinking the “koolaid” she was not only able to save herself, but also those around her, and help bring those responsible to justice. Nick and his guests have an intense conversation trying to understand the mindset of someone who joins a cult, how to try to avoid organizations that use manipulation to exploit people, and the understanding of being ashamed of your choices once leaving.

“He made the obvious sound profound with big words that really didn’t mean anything.”

You can get Sarah’s book, Scarred? HERE  or on Amazon and you can follow the link below to listen to Sarah & Nippy’s podcast A Little Bit Culty   https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/a-little-bit-culty/id1553334816
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