70 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

E250 The Bachelor Recap With Zuri Hall

Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall joins us today to recap the finale of The Bachelor and After The Final Rose. We begin with breaking down Matt’s decisions in making sure he was being his most authentic self and how his conversation with his Mom changed his perspective on the lifelong commitment he was about to make. Michelle asking for 2 minutes is another hot button topic today as well as Matt not showing up for a final date with Rachael. Zuri and Nick then move on to have a very real conversation about what was covered on AFR and have the bigger conversation around the controversies that have plagued Bachelor Nation this season.


You can also catch Zuri on her new iHeart Radio podcast: “Hot Happy Mess” which has new episodes every Monday http://hothappymess.com 

“There is learning in that - sometimes you only understand once you see the pain it inflicts, once you know better you can do better.”

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