40 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

THE GOON Creator, Eric Powell! [Episode 54]

Eric Powell is a writer, artist, and creator of multiple award-winning graphic novels including Hillbilly, Chimichanga, and my favorite comic of all time, The Goon. I’ve been looking forward to speaking to Eric for a while. 

His work is sensational and mixes a potent combination of horror, pulp fiction, film noir, and fart jokes into fun & poignant stories with compelling characters and exceptionally beautiful artwork. When you read through a book from The Goon or from Hillbilly, you will marvel in awe at how Eric is able to not only write all of that wonderful dialogue but create all of this sophisticated and incredible art in every issue. If you haven’t read The Goon or Hillbilly books yet, do yourself a favor and grab some of them on Amazon, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even if you don’t consider yourself a graphic novel fan, just get some. 

Eric has been putting out The Goon for over twenty years and has been working on a film adaptation with David Fincher and Tim Miller for quite some time. You can see the very exciting proof of concept on Kickstarter.

When you observe the volume of Eric’s creative output, it’s pretty incredible and inspiring, I had to know how he did it. We get into this as well as comics, creative theory, writing processes and so much more, on this very fun episode of The Nick Taylor Horror Show. 

Now please welcome, Eric Powell. 



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