14 minutes | May 18, 2021

How To Fix Culture Of Overwork With Kathy Woods

If you’re an employer you may be facing a looming crisis – Global News has called it “The Great Resignation” and New York Magazine named it “The Clock-Out Cure” but they’re both describing the same thing: after a year of accumulating, pandemic-induced work stresses, many talented high performers are quitting work for the sake of their well-being. The circumstances behind these radical acts of self-care may vary but they have origins in something many of us have complained about but few take action to fix (until now):  a culture of overwork, where employers demand (either implicitly or explicitly) that their people put their job ahead of all other considerations. Overwork and our shifting attitudes about it are just one of many trends that our guest on this episode happens to be following. Her name is Kathy Woods, and she’s a partner at Deloitte specializing in workforce transformation. 
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