48 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

Community Solutions in a Time of Crisis: Webinar Conversation featuring Scot Nakagawa, Sunni Patterson, Letha Muhammad, Crystal Hayling, and Adriana Foster

This episode, adapted from a recent webinar hosted by Partners for Dignity & Rights, is an important conversation on community solutions to the interconnected crises we are facing in this political moment. Liz Sullivan-Yuknis of Partners for Dignity & Rights facilitated a conversation with frontline organizations, including: 

Scot Nakagawa, ChangeLab
Adriana Foster, United Workers
Letha Muhammad, Education Justice Alliance & Dignity In Schools Campaign
Crystal Hayling, The Libra Foundation
and poet Sunni Patterson.

See more of the work of host Max Rameau at pacapower.org and Sha'Condria "iCon" Sibley at icontheartist.com. Thank you to Jesse Strauss for Audio Mixing and Editing. Stay subscribed to The Next World for more news from the frontlines of movements for justice and liberation.

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