49 minutes | Jan 3, 2020

S2 Ep. 11 Is your Boyfriend Stefan or Steve Urkel? Take this quiz to find out!

***FCC DISCLAIMER*** The Newsy Neighbors Podcast is the stupidest way to consume your news. Please use discretion upon consumption...  The Neighbors are back after spending the holidays explaining to their families why they quit their jobs to podcast. This week we have Nicey LIVE in studio for a special Nice Crispy Treat to snack on after your Thanksgiving Turkey. Yes, its been that long since we aired a new episode but let not your heart be troubled we have 3 in the tank and a whole new season in store in the coming weeks! Yes you are not hearing things, we are back and zainier than ever. We dive into one of our generations biggest debates: Who was cuter... Stefan or Steve Urkel? All this and more as we take you on a ride into the rabbit hole as the castmates do their best to explain the zain in all things newsy. New Year, New Newsy... Stupider than ever before
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