26 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

When Is Decentralized Storage the Right Choice?

The amount of data created has doubled every year, presenting a host of challenges for organizations: security and privacy issues for starters, but also storage costs. What situations call for that data move to decentralized cloud storage rather than on-prem or even a single public cloud storage setup? What are the advantages and challenges of a decentralized cloud storage solution for data, and how can those be navigated?On this episode of Makers, the New Stack podcast, Ben Golub, CEO of Storj, and Krista Spriggs, software engineering manager at the company, were joined by Alex Williams, founder and publisher of The New Stack, along with Heather Joslyn, TNS’ features editor. Golub and Spriggs talked about how decentralized storage for data makes sense for organizations concerned about cloud costs, security, and  resiliency.
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