28 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

What It Requires to Secure APIs for Microservices

Both APIs and microservices play a key role in cloud native environments. Microservices serve as the cornerstone of distributed and shared computing resources. At the same time, APIs serve as a very efficient way to streamline many operations and development tasks from DevOps teams.However, both microservices and APIs carry with them their own security risks.  All it takes is for one compromised Kubernetes node to allow for an intruder to gain root access through an API to an organization’s entire container infrastructure across multiple clusters (a worst-case scenario).In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we look at how to both secure microservices with APIs and how to rely on APIs to delegate certain security tasks to a trusted third party. Our guest is Viktor Gamov, principal developer advocate for Kong, an API-connectivity company. The episode is hosted by Alex Williams, TNS founder and publisher, and Bharat Bhat, marketing lead, developer relations, Okta.
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