13 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

The Hero in Four Acts: We’ve Got This, WTF, Oh Shift, We Did It

Welcome to The New Stack Makers: Scaling New Heights, a series of interviews, conducted by Scalyr CEO Christine Heckart, with engineers who talk about the problems they have faced and the resolutions they sought. These are the stories about engineering management and how technology decisions are made for scaling architectures to support the demands of the business. Pooja Brown is vice president of engineering at Stitch Fix and also one of the founding members of ENG, a peer network of VPs and CTOs from leading SaaS companies. Brown spends most of the discussion talking about the work in developing a modern infrastructure prior to her work at StitchFix. Brown tells her story in four acts, discussing her work on monoliths and the move to a modern architecture that came with hiring. The developers were hired for their Node.js skills. And, they were quite different than the .Net devs they had once known so well.