37 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Kelsey Hightower, Mark Shuttleworth: Kubernetes Relies on Linux

Canonical's wildly popular Ubuntu Linux distribution continues to quietly play a role in the continued widespread adoption of Kubernetes. And that quiet support is as it should be, concluded Kelsey Hightower, Google Cloud Platform principal developer advocate, and Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, in this latest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast. Alex Williams, founder and publisher of TNS hosted this episode.Taking a step back, Ubuntu, as well as Linux in general, has become much easier to use, expanding beyond what many once considered to be a server operating system and an esoteric alternative to Windows.“There was this kind of inflection point where Linux has gone from like this command line server-side thing to something that you could actually run on a desktop with a meaningful UI and it felt like we were closing the gap on all the other popular open operating systems,” said Hightower.Kubernetes and Cloud Native Operations ReportCanonical's Kubernetes Managed Services
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