29 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

CNCF Assesses the Tools for Kubernetes Multicluster Management

Once they have piloted Kubernetes, many organizations then want to scale up their K8s deployments, and run workloads across many clusters. But managing multiple clusters requires a new set of tools, ones that automate many routine and manual tasks. So, for its fifth Tech Radar report, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation surveyed the tools available for multicluster management, based on the input from its end-user community.

In this edition of The New Stack Analysts podcast, we talk with two people who helped assemble the report, Federico Hernandez, principal engineer social media analysis provider Meltwater, and Simone Sciarrati, Meltwater engineering team lead. We chatted about the report's findings and how the multicluster management tool landscape is taking shape. Co-hosting this episode is Alex Williams, founder and publisher of The New Stack and the Tech Radar's organizer Cheryl Hung, CNCF vice president of ecosystem.

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