44 minutes | Dec 11th 2017

014: Catharine Arnston - Spirulina & Chlorella To Hack Your Health and Energy

Spirulina and Chlorella: Two of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Catharine Arnston, founder of EnergyBits joins us on the podcast to talk about the truth and myths behind spirulina and chlorella that will boggle your mind. You'll never think of spirulina and Chlorella the same way again! 


[2:05] How did Catharine get started with algae? Why isn’t algae very popular in America?

[8:44] Processing of Chlorella and Spirulina matters. You could literally be buying ground sea shells in your spirulina or chlorella! No joke!

[16:25] What’s the major difference between Chlorella and Spirulina? Why should you take one or the other or both?!

Spirulina can actually be a pre-workout supplement and chlorella is a powerful post workout supplement!

Spirulina has powerful anti-cancer benefits (anti-angiogenesis)

[29:57] The levels of DHA in spirulina and Chlorella. Could be a better way of supplying your brain with DHA.

[33:45] My experience with Energy Bits – one of the best runs ever!

[34:50] Recommendations on taking Spirulina vs Chlorella – spirulina in the AM or pre workout and Chlorella at night or post workout.

[37:10] Environmental implications of using algae vs fish and how that will affect our healths and our world!

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