56 minutes | Feb 14th 2020

Liberalism Around the World: Catalonia ft. Martí Jiménez & Pau Vila

This is the second episode of our Liberalism Around the World series, where we examine the state of liberalism in many countries and regions.  We're joined by Martí Jiménez and Pau Vila from the Institut Ostrom to talk about liberalism in Catalonia. We talk about what it means to be a liberal in Catalonia, how liberalism and the left-right political spectrum intersect with the question of Catalan autonomy, and what the biggest challenges for liberalism are in Catalonia.

Our first episode in the Liberalism Around the World series covered Chile, and is available for Patreon supporters at patreon.com/posts/liberalism-world-33365852.  You can find out more about the Institut Ostrom by visiting their website at https://institutostrom.org/en.

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