19 minutes | Aug 24, 2021

Neighboring Tip: Hosting a Get Together

This week, hosts Matt and Adam are joined by Kristopher Swanson for a new Neighboring Tip! Hosting a "Get Together" AKA a block party! But don't be afraid! They have some great suggestions for how to keep it simple!"Move away from, "did I entertain my neighbors?" which is the trap that block parties fall into... You don't need to entertain your neighbors. You need to help them know each other and know something about each other." -Adam Barlow-ThompsonIf even two neighbors that didn't know each other before, walk away from the event knowing one thing about the other, then it was a success! If you decide to give this neighboring tip a try as the weather cools down a bit, let us know! You can find contact information and more about the Neighboring Movement at www.NeighboringMovement.org.
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