72 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Naturist Podcast Ep. 4 // Skinny Dips ‘n Roadtrips: Why Nude Vacations are so Rad!

“But check this out. So we walk into the place where you check-in and I look to the left and I about died. It's an entire wall of movie stars who have stayed there, including, but not limited to Matthew McConaughey and Cardi B.”  I think the biggest take-away from this episode is that people feel more inclined to be curious and try something new if they feel safe in their environment. In today’s podcast I take you on an edible infused trip with me to nude vacation spots in Southern California. It’s juicy AF. Join me!   New podcasts drop Friday show notes, watch or listen, subscribe www.NaturistPodcast.com
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