66 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Naturist Podcast Ep. 11 // How Our Diplomatic Trip to China is Shaping the Mission of the Global Naturist Alliance

In this episode, we talk about how racism and homophobia is embedded into so many institutions and the idea that it’s like baking a cake with salt instead of sugar. It just simply doesn’t work and you have to throw it out.  We are investing our time in recruiting talent to lead the Global Naturist Alliance which will set the mission, vision, and values of the naturist community worldwide. It will have a Social Justice Arm to it that we haven’t yet seen in most organizations and associations.   We threw out the old recipe and are creating a new one.  we will fight for Safe Space and Events Equity and Social Justice The Earth and Its Inhabitants Free and Accessible Public Lands Online and Offline Nude Legislation and Censorship     “I want to break the walls down. I want this organization to feel how I feel. That sense of relief To just be me.”   Tracy Skinny Dippers Club Member     New podcasts drop Friday show notes, watch or listen, subscribe www.NaturistPodcast.com
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