52 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

Naturist Podcast Ep. 1 // Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Naturist But Were Afraid To Ask

The part of our brain that's hyper-engaged in modern life deactivates a little when you're outside. "Until I started finding other people on Instagram talking about the tie between going to a Hot Springs or Hiking Nude, or becoming more one with nature and disconnecting enough to start the restorative process to become whole again... because sometimes when I've had PTSD symptoms, I don't feel whole. So, it's been really cool. A couple of things. One is just feeling like I'm healing myself into finding a community of other individuals who have had traumatic experiences and connecting with them and finding ways that we can celebrate survivorship together." Jeremy Skinny Dippers Club   New podcasts drop Friday show notes, watch or listen, subscribe www.NaturistPodcast.com
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