28 minutes | Aug 10th 2019

The Politics of Un-Naming

A federal building in Vancouver is officially un-named, and a mural emerges in its place. This special episode of The Nameless Collective Podcast discusses politics of un-naming the H.H. Stevens federal building in Vancouver, and the Indigenous and South Asian artist collaboration that points to new ways of looking at history in a post-apology world. And we tackle the problematic history of the word, taikey, a Punjabi word for First Nations Peoples that only exists in British Columbia, Canada. The Nameless Collective Podcast is a Canadian History podcast exploring the untold stories of the South Asian community in Vancouver. Hosted by Naveen Girn, Milan Singh and Paneet Singh, and produced by Manjot Bains & Jugni Style. Find references, documents and photos from this episode on our show page, jugnistyle.com/thenameless. Send your questions and comments to hello@jugnistyle.com. South Asian History and Vancouver History. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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