78 minutes | Oct 1, 2018

A Conclusion to the Ragged Stranger Mystery- Episode #8

The day before his pending execution on September 30th, Carl’s last hope to stay among the living was a second stay of execution or to at least get his sentenced to commuted to life imprisonment. Governor Len Small, still under indictment for embezzlement, held Carl’s fate. Impassively entering the death cell, Wanderer grabbed a seat on his bunk as his guards tried to control the newsmen all wanting a word with the condemned man. He was asked about being in the death cell again, a place most people don’t visit twice. He failed to see the irony. “What if I am in the death cell again, eh? I’ve been in this place before.” It was said that awaiting the news of Governor Small’s final decision was hitting Carl’s father the hardest. The widowed butcher was worried he might now lose his only son. He was said to be inconsolable. Meanwhile Carl was having what might be his last meal. “Did you see what I did to my dinner? Say, I got away with the largest meal I’ve had in a long time. Cleaned up the plate!” Carl had dined on a chicken dinner sent over from the restaurant across the alley from the jail. Joe Stein, owner of the aptly named, Noose coffee shop, provided the meal free of charge, asking only for a signed photo from the condemned man. “You know, I never sent anybody to Springfield to plead for me. It was my pa. He sold everything he got to try to save me.” Would Carl Wanderer get one last reprieve? Episode #8- A Conclusion to the Ragged Stranger Mystery This project aims to fill in the gaps where there is unknown, correct false narratives that have branched away from the truth, and most importantly, to entertain and enlighten. The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger is written by Michael Hendrychs and produced in partnership with ChicagoNow. It has been sourced from research for my upcoming book Kisses for Julia, Bullets for Ruth: The Mystery of Carl Wanderer & the Ragged Stranger. More information on The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger can be found on our blog at www.chicagonow.com/the-ragged-stranger/ And on our website at theraggedstranger.com/ On Instagram www.instagram.com/raggedstranger/ Facebook www.facebook.com/ragged.stranger.54 Twitter twitter.com/Ragged_Stranger Our intro theme music for the podcast is The Crocodile by the Wiedoft-Wadsworth Quartet. Written by Otto Motzan and Harry Akst and recorded March 1, 1920 in New York City. The performers credited were- Harry Askt on piano, Carl Fenton also on piano, George Hamilton Green on the xylophone, J. Russel Robinson again on piano, F. Wheeler Wadsworth on alto saxophone, and Rudy Wiedoeft also on alto saxophone. Usage via Public Domain. Our outro theme song is The Butcher's Boy (The Railroad Boy) by Buell Kazee and is used courtesy of June Appal Recordings in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Kazee, a Baptist minister, recorded this haunting song, compiled from a collection of British ballads, in New York City on January 16, 1928. The recordings for Buell Kazee (catalog no. JA009) were made by Mark Wilson, Buell Kazee, and Kentucky Educational Television, and were compiled and produced by Jonathan Greene, Loyal Jones and John McCutcheon for June Appal Recordings. The album was preserved and re-released by Appalshop Archive in 2007 and can be purchased here- www.appalshop.org/store/june-appal…lf-titled-album/.
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