55 minutes | Nov 12th 2015

#3-5: The Art of Public Speaking w/ Omar Usman

"Everyone wants whatever perceived glory they see from being on the microphone or on the stage but they don’t want put that work in that comes with it. That’s why a lot of times, they look for some kind of a shortcut, some kind of technique when the only technique is to put in the work" - Omar Usman* Joining us on the show this week is brother Omar Usman, the co founder of Muslim Matters, Qalam Institute and Debt Free Muslims and one of the instructors of the khateeb and sisters public speaking workshop by the Qalam Institute. In this episode, we speak all about public speaking, including how to deliver a powerful speech regardless of your personality type, the art of speech writing and ways to keep improving.   Questions Asked: - Where should a person start if they want to write a powerful speech? - What is the best way to write a speech? - Would you say writing it out word by word is more effective or sticking to dot points? - What are some ways to keep your audience captivated especially when the subject matter is dry? Is humour the way to go? - Do experienced speakers still get nervous before delivering a speech? What are ways to tackle it? - What are some of the worst public speakings tips out there? - You mentioned that advance speakers not only work on the points to build the overall message in a speech but they also work on creating transitions between them to ensure a smooth flow. Can you give us an example of this in action? - What if you blank out in your speech? How can you get back on track? - What’s the best way to end of a speech? How can we end on a strong note? - How can we continue improving and becoming better public speakers? For resources mentioned in episode, check out the show notes: http://muslimlifehackers.com/3-5   *quote contains minor edits for the sake of readability.
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