46 minutes | Oct 29th 2015

#3-4: Giving Yourself Permission to Pursue Your Purpose w/ Nadia Yunis

"All the resources you need to achieve awesomeness and greatness for yourself, family and ummah are all within you. All the resources are within ourselves, we just need to step back and reconnect with ourselves, reconnect with Allah swt and find it. You don’t need a million dollar to start a venture, you don’t need extensive knowledge of xyz to begin. You begin with yourself, your resources are within you.” - Nadia Yunis
 Today we speak to sister Nadia Yunus. She is a spiritual, creative and personal peak performance coach. In this episode, we talk about our finding our unique purposes in our lives, giving ourselves permission to embrace it and how to tackle all the obstacles that come in pursuit of it. Questions Asked:- What is the difference between an ultimate purpose and a unique purpose? - Why do people have a hard time giving themselves permission to pursue their unique purpose, is it a result of upbringing? - What can they do about it? - Is the process of finding your ultimate purpose going to be a pleasant experience? - How can we remain true to ourselves and let go of our negative stories especially when the environment around you keeps reinforcing it (e.g. family members). - Why is the need of giving ourselves permission to pursue our purpose more common among women? For resources mentioned in episode, check out the show notes: http://muslimlifehackers.com/3-4 Thank You For Listening!Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a review for us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. This helps us get the word out there and in turn give us the opportunity to benefit more people.
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