33 minutes | Mar 30th 2015

#2-11: Are These 3 Excuses Holding You Back? [M&M]

Maheen and Mifrah have a conversation about the 3 biggest excuses people make in their lives and how to move past them.  Highlights from the show: What are excusists? [2:06 – Mifrah] “The first kind of excusist is the health excusist, kind of using it as a way of preventing yourself from taking action”[2:49 – Maheen]  The story of the two diabetics [4-15 – Maheen]  “Most people on the hospital bed have EII – emotionally induced illness” [11:05 – Mifrah]   “Intelligence excusists say they are just not smart enough to that...but it is not about your intelligence but the thinking that guides it” [11:43 – Mifrah] “Are you going to use your mind to make history or to record history” [13:59 – Mifrah] “You hear a lot of people saying they are passed the learning age?” [19:02 – Maheen] “When you think about negative things more, the more the thinking, the stronger association and quicker it is retrieved” [23:50 – Maheen] References: Connect with Muslim Life Hackers on the VIP list: http://muslimlifehackers.com/vip  To find out more on this episode plus others, visit: http://muslimlifehackers.com   
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