34 minutes | Mar 3rd 2015

#2-07: Building Online Businesses and Leaving Legacies w/ Aaqib Ahmed [Interview]

Maheen talks to Aaqib Ahmed about building online businesses using Facebook and what it means to be legacy focused in life.    Highlights from the show: -           “Give us the low down, what do you do?” [2:15 – Maheen] -           “To face over 200 rejects is taking it to a totally new level, and I really liked how you mentioned you wanted to break the status quo, you know not typical Pakistani style...go be an entrepreneur” [3:50 – Maheen] -           “It is all about making your work your life mission, so that you know in society you are not worshiping the status quo” [4:16 – Aaqib] -          “The one question that shaped everything that I am doing – If on The Day of Judgement when Allah asks me “Ya Aaqib what have you done with your time?” and I can’t say you know I have really given it my best shot, I haven’t been sitting on the fence, that regret would be too much to take” [4:35 – Aaqib] -           “Tell us more about your vision of building a legacy focused Ummah” [5:33 – Maheen] -           “You need to step up, you have to compete with the best out there. You want to contribute and the only way to do that is to challenge yourself, push yourself 100 percent” [9:34 – Aaqib] -           “Raise your minimum standard to excellence” [10:04 – Aaqib] -           “Why should people use Facebook for building their online businesses?” [17:08 – Maheen] -          “I have an imbalance, where I am spending too much time at work and not enough with my family. But it is all about balance...but it is like the 80-20 rule, do that 20 percent that gives you 80 percent of the result” [21:58 – Aaqib] For all the refernceces mentioned in the show plus more on previous interviews and episoded head over to: muslimlifehackers.com
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