32 minutes | Feb 9th 2015

#2-05: Turning Ideas Into Brands w/ Peter Gould [Interview]

Mifrah and Maheen interview Br Peter Gould on the creative process and how to turn ideas into brands.  We take a look at Peter’s latest projects, how he manages his time and his vision of connecting people all around the Ummah.  Highlights from the show: “What are some of the latest projects that you have been working on?” [5:25 – Mifrah] “I really want to use creative thinking and design thinking to solve some of the problems that we have in the Ummah at the moment” [6:28 – Peter]  “ How did you take your ideas and turn it into a reality?” [10:12 – Maheen]  “The best reason to start up a start up... when you can’t not do it” [14:40 – Peter] The importance of a live working concept [19:12 – Peter]  What were the challenges that you faced when you were launching Creative Ummah? [21:31 – Maheen]  “I needed to step away from the project...as an individual and approach it as something much bigger, and it is so much more when you find the right people”  [ 23:25 – Peter] “How are you juggling all these multiple projects?” [23:54 – Maheen]    You can find all the links and references from the show over at http://muslimlifehackers.com/2-05  The VIP List : http://muslimlifehackers.com/vip   
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