37 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

Yoka Brouwer, 80 years old and a facilitator of change.

Yoka Brouwer, a holocaust survivor about discrimination and having a happy life. "You have to follow your own path, without hurting anyone." she said.She is an NLP trainer, Psychotherapist, Applied Kninesiologist, published writer, Wise old woman, traveler, Card reader, Mom, curious, lifelong learner, and a Book in "the Human Library".You can connect with Yoka using her profile page on PickMyBrain: https://www.pickmybrain.world/profile...She only does free calls, all the administration and taxes are too annoying to charge money.She is also a book at the wonderful organization "The Human Library", you can find more information here: https://humanlibrary.org/
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