34 minutes | May 12, 2021

Nusrat Durrani, The End of Cultural Imperialism?

"Pop-culture can change the world""We live in an electric time- of uncertainty and upheaval- but also of unprecedented opportunity to create radical, systemic change for a better future." Nusrat Durrani is a pioneering media executive inspiring and leading teams to create and launch transformative, multiplatform content and branded entertainment for commercial and social impact. Nusrat kept MTV front and center of innovation in the global youth marketplace in senior leadership roles for two decades by boldly creating change and advancing the conversation around race, color, gender, and sexual identity. His global worldview produced provocative new formats and platforms for untapped audiences. I would describe Nusrat with the words: MTV, many things, empathy, connecting, global, love & inequity. His golden rules:- personal branding- living a wholehearted life- achieve your goals in unconventional ways
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