44 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

Hashem Elassad in Jordan talking to Perry about being a hybrid researcher.

Is spending 10.000 hours to become a specialist the only way? And do specialists surpass generalists in profit and happiness? Hashem appreciates both sides of the generalist-specialist spectrum. He is a specialist in his “how” which is research. However, he is more of a generalist when it comes to the “what” of research. That can be quite a diverse range including finding & researching emails, people, ideas, articles, opportunities, and data. The fields he’s interested in are numerous including education, psychology, career development, and languages. He sees himself as a hybrid, between a generalist and a specialist.Hashem ElAssad is a University of Toronto psychology graduate with Honors. Using his research and analytical skills. Research for Hashem is an obsession, seeking after a very specific or hard-to-find item, such as concepts or theories, is a skill that he not only enjoys but finds difficult to stop once started. To learn more about Hashem visit his blog: https://paradoxicallyparadoxical.word...His article Zoom-in vs Zoom-out: Resources for the Generalist-Specialist Trade-Off: https://www.socialsciencespace.com/20...You can find him on LinkedIn.com: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hashemela...His e-mail address: hashem.elassad@hotmail.com
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