40 minutes | Jul 8, 2021

Eugenie Drakes a non-linear talent scout connecting the dots.

Eugenie is a Modern Elder. She has lived, loved, lost. She has given, grown, gained. She is curious, conscious, creative. She has stressed, stretched, soared. She has wealth, wisdom, worth. A Mentor, Momtor, Movement Maker.The purpose of Eugenie's life has always been to be of service, grow people and projects, inspire and drive change, to make the world a better place.She has worked in the Creative Industries for over 35 years with many different genres. For the last 30 years, the focus has been on the handicraft sector which involved working with remote rural, peri-urban, and urban crafters and teaching basic business skills, market-driven product development, and access to market through my retail store, piece, as well as other avenues. The focus was to retain heritage, highlight and celebrate our different cultures and to pay tribute to the makers by creating sustainable enterprises. She has been blessed to share on various international platforms such as Vital Voices Global Leadership Programme, Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women Programme and as a result, have a 'global family'. She has consulted to WK Kellogg Foundation, Technoserve, World Bank amongst others.Her story has been made so much richer as a result of the stories of those who have crossed her path - and the time is now for these stories to be told. Her life journey has been living in 2 realities that are worlds apart and it is time for those worlds to move closer and this can be done through connection and the power of storyIf you want to meet Eugenie, please connect with her on her PickMyBrain page: https://www.pickmybrain.world/profiles/eugenie-drakes
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