46 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Eran Thomson in Australia, Wordsmith - Idea Machine - Joy Pusher

An amazing person down under, Eran almost died 32 times and did a comedy show about it. He creates amazing stuff including Laugh Masters Academy (a comedy school), PowerProv ( a corp. training business) and he writes and hosts the One Word Suggestion podcast - it’s only 3 minutes long, but it can be your personal toolbox full of ways to help you craft a more mindful and meaningful existence. And he’s writing books, created a game called Song Saga, and and and and OMG he is a multipotentialite++https://eranthomson.comhttps://song-saga.comhttps://onewordsuggestion.nethttps://powerprov.com.auhttps://laugh-masters.com.auhttps://dysexlic.comhttps://eranthomson.com/the-near-death-experience/https://eran.cohttps://writeranddirector.comhttps://zuper.com.au
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