50 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

CEO Maxine Cunningham from PickMyBrain.world about the secrets of her brain...

An amazing interview with the successful SuperBrain Multipotentialite Maxine in Vancouver Canada about her key ingredients to make her start-up a huge success. It has to do with 12 different secret elements:I will share a little bit with you:1. Rebel Parents2. Multipotentialite3. Sports4. Education, - finance5. Understand the flow of wealth6. Fearless7. Economics, why we do what we do8. Together9. It's ok enough for now10. Solve the paperwork11. Trust me12. Think Maxine predicts "within 5 years, the best-paid job is the multipotentialite one". We agreed to have a yearly interview, on Valentine's day, so we can monitor the progress of "the multipotentialites".You can connect with Maxine at her website, this is her profile so you can directly pick her brain! :https://www.pickmybrain.world/profiles/maxine-cunninghamDo you want to pick my brain? you can find me here: https://www.pickmybrain.world/profiles/perry-knoppert
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