17 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

118: 6 reasons to join the 7-day morning pleasure ritual challenge

If you want to live an epic life and manifest your goals and desires, you gotta be willing to do the things to continually uplevel. That includes working with your nervous system to get past either upper limiting and self sabotage keeping you from receiving your goals and desires, or getting past negative conditioning and trauma that are keeping your goals and desires out of reach. Starting a daily morning ritual to get you into pleasure is what’s necessary to elevate you and clear your nervous system of survival energy so you can manifest those goals and desires. But it takes TIME and commitment to doing it! That’s why I’ll be up and ready to lead you through the ritual each morning for 7 days straight! Join us for the free 7-day Challenge at: http://bit.ly/7daysofbliss

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