20 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

115: 5 ways women unconsciously emasculate men. Please stop doing this!

I love men. I take a stand for the masculine. I support men in awakening and being strong protectors and leaders for the feminine.That doesn’t make me old school.

I think, in today’s environment, it’s a little radical to stand with men in this way, when many women are consciously and unconsciously emasculating them and resisting the masculine in themselves. Because they aren’t doing the work to heal their own relationship with the masculine.

Well, it’s time to step up and do the work ladies. And support our men in doing the same. Because we need them standing WITH us.This isn’t a war of gender and polarity.

It’s an invitation for deep healing. Will you accept the invitation? If not, why?

Tune in to today’s episode to learn 5 ways women are unconsciously emasculating men.

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