34 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

Ep. 9 - Experts Are NOT Overrated - Interview w/ Nelson Córdova

Today's episode comes from Higher Innovation CEO Nelson Córdova. Higher innovation specializes in multifamily maintenance and renovation project management. Nelson and Higher Innovation have consulted on hundreds of multifamily units across Texas and Florida. Nelson is an absolute expert in multifamily property maintenance and renovation. He started as a groundkeepers in the late 90s and quickly climbed the ranks to Regional Manager. Today, Nelson running his own consulting company, educating multifamily owners on how to create systems around their property maintenance and renovation teams and help create better communication between the onsite multifamily property management teams. Contact Nelson Córdova:Phone Number: 813-408-4045Email: nelsonc@higher-innovation.com or higherinnovationfl@gmail.comNelson on LinkedIn: Link
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