20 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

Ep. 6 - Protect Your Water Bill - Interview w/ Anselmo Torres III

Today we bring you a great interview from Anselmo Torres III. Anselmo is the national account manager for Sustainability Solutions. Sustainability solutions is a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation for large or multiple properties through installation of ultra-high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in superior water and money savings.Anselmo gives Review Listeners great insight on how a leak on a multifamily property can have a serious impact on the properties bottom line for investors. He created a product called LeakAware to help solve this headache for investors. LeakAware is the water monitoring program that allows property owners to track your properties water consumption and identify unreported leaks. Contact Anselmo & LeakAware:  Click HERE for Anselmo LinkedIn page  Email Anselmo: atorres@sasconserve.com  Contact Anselmo at: 214-914-1139  Visit: www.leakaware.com  Visit: www.multifamilyreview.com 
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