44 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Sue Kim

In our third episode Aaron James and Andrew Dickson welcome producer turned Oscar short-listed director Sue Kim, to the Mt. Freelance podcast. Sue Kim has spent her career as a print, commercial film, digital and experiential producer working for ad agencies and brands up and down the West Coast. But when she took her son to a Rubik’s Cube competition, she knew she had to take the reins and direct her first film. “The Speed Cubers” is a wonderful short documentary about a relationship within the world of competitive speed cubing that will make you cry. Sue will take us through how she quit her job to get the film made and what working with Netflix to bring the film to life was like. Sue is full of insights and ideas on how to successfully create the freelance career of your dreams and shares some important advice for fellow freelancers on how to get hired again and again. Wondering what Mt. Freelance is? It’s the online course and community that helps freelancers in the creative industry get the work they really want, charge what they are worth and build the freelance business they dream of. Co-founders Aaron and Andrew end each episode by answering a listener question about freelance.  The Mt. Freelance podcast is hand-crafted by the producers, mixers and sound designers of Digital One, right here in Portland Oregon, and sponsored by Stumptown Coffee. 
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