38 minutes | May 26, 2021

Kate Bingaman-Burt

In our fifth episode Aaron James and Andrew Dickson welcome freelance illustrator and full-time professor Kate Bingaman-Burt to the Mt. Freelance podcast.  Kate is one of the hardest working creative people we know. On the one hand she teaches design at Portland State University and is constantly innovating ways to help her students share their work and get exposure to the “real world”, even going as far as to host student portfolio reviews inside agencies like Instrument and Wieden+Kennedy.  She also has a thriving career as an illustrator, which started years ago when she gave herself the assignment of drawing her credit card receipts to help her get out of student loan dept. That project eventually lead to a daily drawing practice, and work in the New York Times, books, galleries, museums and brand campaigns. She also has a thriving studio and workspace space called Outlet where she preaches the gospel of zine-making and Risograph. In our interview Kate shares her story, how she works, and even walks us through three of the current freelance projects she’s involved in and even specifically talks about how much she’s charging on each and how she charges and negotiates in general. If you’re looking to get inspired to make and do more, or have a personal project you need a little motivation to get going on put on your podcast ears and turn up the volume.  
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