32 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

Amy Miller

In our 11th episode Aaron James and Andrew Dickson welcome freelance stand-up comedian Amy Miller to the Mt. Freelance podcast who speaks about her creative process, being a woman in comedy and how challenging the pandemic has been for pandemic. Good news, she’s touring again! And you can buy tickets.  Amy Miller is a headlining stand-up based in Los Angeles by way of Portland and Oakland. Prime-time TV watchers will remember her from Last Comic Standing, and comedy fans know her story-based style of comedy based on her own experiences and observations.  When we think of the creative community, we often focus on folks who are designers, photographers and producers. But Amy reminds us that musicians, artists and yes, stand-ups are so obviously freelance that they typically don’t even use the word. It’s just part of the gig.  In our conversation Amy shares some insights into her creative process, touches on the challenges of being both a woman comedian, being a comedian in the pandemic, and even being a woman comedian in the pandemic. And also reminds us of the power and excitement of live events with performers and audiences members together in once place.  Give it a listen and get ready to have some fun. 
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