10 minutes | Nov 13, 2019

Vanessa Funetes of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

In this episode, Terri interviews community health advocate, Vanessa Funetes. Vanessa explains how consistency and discipline are necessary for #movementmaking and were the foundation of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Vanessa also shares how timely and important advocacy is to create changes within state capitols.  Stay tuned until the end to learn how many tweets it takes to get the attention of a legislature!  For more information about becoming a #MovementMaker, visit my website: https://terribwilliams.com/. Subscribe to the podcast in  Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Play.  Leave a rating and review in Apple Podcasts.   Connect with Terri on LinkedIn, Instagram @TerriBWilliams and @MovementMakerTribe on Facebook.   Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.    Other mentions: Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce  You can get Terri’s downloadable #MovementMaker worksheet after signing up for her newsletter through https://terribwilliams.com/.
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