14 minutes | Jan 13, 2020

The Movement to Believe in You with Dena Jansen

In this episode, Terri continues to talk about the movement within along with Dena Jansen. Dena is an inspirational speaker, motivational coach and founder of Dena Speaks.  Dena explains how she went from daydreaming to turning her passion into action. She believes it is REQUIRED to ask for help no matter how you are consuming that advice - book, podcast or in person. Even though you are gaining different perspectives, you have to trust in yourself first - which is crucial to the movement within.  Stay tuned to learn what a #POTENTIALSeeker is and how those core qualities can help you grow as a person.  For more information about becoming a #MovementMaker, visit my website: https://terribwilliams.com/.  Subscribe to the podcast in Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Play.  Leave a rating and review in Apple Podcasts. Connect with Terri on LinkedIn, Instagram @TerriBWilliams and @MovementMakerTribe on Facebook. Connect with Dena on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and through her blog - https://denajansen.com/blog/ Other mentions:  Dena’s book Road to Hope, embraces the journey it takes to find the destination.  Terris uses @Best Self Co Planners to stay on track; use Terri’s code “Firestarter” for 15% off! You can check them out on Instagram too!
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