13 minutes | Oct 16, 2019

Chas Moore with the Austin Justice Coalition

In this episode of #MovementMakerTV, Terri interviews community activist, Chas Moore. Chas saw all of the energy created around big rallies and protests but was frustrated when there was no quantifiable outcome to those moments. He decided that he wanted to see a real change in both policy and legislature. He wants to create sustainable change that will affect lives for decades to come.    To be successful, Chas suggests winning. If you don’t win, you don’t create systematic change. But that’s not all. Even if you have a system in place, it doesn’t guarantee the system will be successful. You have to have the right people within the system to make it successful.     For more information about becoming a #MovementMaker, visit my website: https://terribwilliams.com/. Please write a review and subscribe for more episodes through Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Play.    Connect with Terri on LinkedIn, Instagram @TerriBWilliams and @MovementMakerTribe on Facebook.   Connect with Chas on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.    Other mentions:  Austin Justice Coalition which can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.
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