71 minutes | May 18, 2020

A Class Like No Other: The 20/20 Experience - A Toast to the Class of 2020

Terri Broussard Williams believes that leaders turn moments into movements. She also believes that anyone can be a great leader. Terri explains that movements can be as big as passing a law, building a church, or starting a nonprofit. They can also be as small as giving to someone in need, showing kindness, or helping students at a school get gym equipment. This podcast is here to help you with the HOW and WHY people build movements. I’ll break it down each time using the #FirestarterFormula which is: find your cause, build a community to help, communicate your vision, and work to see change.In each episode of this podcast, we take a look at one of the four pillars of the #MovementMakerTribe including philanthropy, policy change, movement-building, and the movement from within. Movement Maker: The Podcast, Season 2 is the second chapter of Terri Broussard Williams's popular social impact blog brought to life with audio. In Season 1 Terri interviewed eight different change makers and discovered how, why, and what exactly it takes to make an impact today. This episode of Movement Maker: The Podcast delves into the challenges and perspective of 2020 college graduates. Terri interviews four newly graduated college students to discover how they are feeling about graduating during these challenging and uncertain pandemic times. The class of 2020 is truly a class like no other, being faced with unexpected and uncharted changes. Some graduates missed out on long awaited rites of passage ceremonies and are still able to graduate but in a way they never expected before, a virtual ceremony. Tune in as you gain a glimpse of the impact that COVID-19 has made on these individuals. Episode Notes: Moderator: Terri Broussard Williams, Founder, Movement Maker Tribe + Social Impact Strategist, Lobbyist Very important guests: Tatiana Gonzales-Quiroga a graduating Senior from Louisiana State University. Matthew O’Brien who is graduating from Suffolk University in Boston. Donald R. Dunbar, Jr., Student Representative, Southern University A&M System Board of Directors. Evan Robertson, 2020 graduate of Morgan State University, representing the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. After you listen, be sure to check out: The #MovementMakerTribe Facebook insider group, join us for all things #MovementMaker inspired. Follow the #MovementMakerTribe on Instagram. Get your #MovementMaker swag here! “Find Your Fire”: Terri Broussard Williams’ new book which shares the stories of movement makers and how they built, supported or scaled movements for good. Sign up for some “Friday Fuel” - a newsletter providing weekly love letters meant to inspire the change-maker in all of us. Subscribe to Movement Maker: The Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. If you enjoy the show, please leave us a rating or review!
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