14 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Can the mould in blue cheese be as harmful as mould in the house?

When we see mould on our food our immediate reaction is to throw it away. To us, it is an indication that the food has turned bad, and we assume that food would not taste the same because fermentation has started. Along with this, we begin to question the texture, aroma and appearance of the food.However, we sometimes see mould as a delicious component of some of our favourite indulgences.Mould is, of course, responsible for the speckles within blue cheese and its characteristic saltiness and sharpness. It is caused by the cultivation of various Penicillium moulds.Mould can be seriously harmful to us, especially to those who suffer from an allergy to it, so is there a heightened risk from eating blue cheese?So, what causes the body to react to an allergy?Read more on the blog: https://www.drcameronjones.com/blog/can-the-mould-in-blue-cheese-be-as-harmful-as-mould-in-the-house
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