78 minutes | Mar 2, 2020

Ryan Hawley: How to Use Servant Leadership to Advance Your Career

This week on The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson interview Ryan Hawley. Ryan Hawley is Assistant Vice President, Regional Manager at Lincoln Financial Group. In his role, he oversees distribution of Group Protection Solutions to help provide employees and their families with financial well-being and peace of mind, providing benefits when they need them the most. His team of Senior Account Executives are dedicated to customer retention and expanding Lincoln Financial Group presence with employer groups of all sizes. His mission is simple: To make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.  Show Notes 0:02- Introduction 2:32- Ryan’s Childhood 5:29- Leadership By Example 7:57- Interning 11:19- Getting Buy-In 20:01- The Challenge Coin 32:26- Hand-Written Notes 34:07- Struggles With School 40:19- Making An Impact 51:35- The Integrity Award 54:39- The Right Kind Of Leading 58:12- Establishing Trust 1:00:57- Standing For Something 1:11:25- Advice To Ryan’s Younger Self & Concluding Thoughts
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