39 minutes | Jan 12, 2020

Leading to Become the Best (Part 1): Personal Responsibility is Key

This very special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast features part one of John Casey’s keynote address at Citibank’s “Leading to Become the Best”Conference. Throughout this keynote, John touches on many important topics such as developing and growing other people (and ourselves), why we learn more from difficult employees and personal responsibility. He applies many vital beliefs and mindsets that are practiced and taught at 2logical and applies them to Citibank and everything they have accomplished, along with what can be learned from both companies. “Everyone is born with unlimited potential. It takes a catalyst, and that’s probably leadership, to pull that out,” says John. Show Notes 0:07- Introduction 2:28- Most Valuable Resource 7:01- Learning From Difficult Employees 14:05- John’s First Real Job 20:15- “Win Or Learn” 25:33- What Is Success? 33:29- Developing People 36:00- Personal Responsibility
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