56 minutes | Jan 26, 2020

How to Become Consciously Motivated - Featuring Justin Francisco & Joe Gianni

For this new, intriguing episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, President and CEO of 2logical, Joe Gianni, is interviewed by Justin Francisco, host of the podcast titled Mindful Impact. They dive into several fascinating topics, such as motivation, setting goals and being the best you can be every single day, year and month. “Every year, scientists create these telescopes and they look out into space. One of the biggest things that they realize, no matter how powerful they make these telescopes, they realize one simple thing. There's more space. The same is true with the progressive realization of becoming the best that we can be. In other words, we become the best that we can be, but in that journey, you realize there is no end,” says Joe. Show Notes 00:00:17- Intro And How Joe Starts His Day 00:04:29- Yearly Goals 00:08:38- How To Make Goals A Priority 00:11:37- Beliefs 00:16:23- Big Person, Bigger Person 00:25:30- Individual Development Plans 00:27:22- Consciously Motivated 00:31:18- Finding The Right Way To Look At Success 00:36:17- Being Helpful Vs. Preaching 00:40:17- “Breaking The Horse” 00:42:11- Always A Student 00:44:20- Joe’s Advice To His 18 Year Old Self 00:49:14- Conclusion
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